Silent Witness viewers love heartwarming toast scene

emilia fox as nikki in silent witness
Silent Witness viewers love toast sceneGary Moyes - BBC

Silent Witness again sparked a big reaction from fans after a heartwarming scene featuring Jack feeding Nikki toast had viewers feeling the love.

The show follows a team of forensic pathologists and scientists digging into gruesome crimes to solve murders, while couple Jack and Nikki, who fans endearingly refer to as Jakki, are the heart of the show.

That proved to be the case in the latest episode of this 27th season, which aired on BBC One tonight (February 12) and is available to watch on iPlayer, as Jack fed Nikki a piece of toast and then kissed her.

"This! This is what we’ve been craving! Domestic Jakki! Toast sharing and all! I can’t," one fan wrote.

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Another fan added: "I love this. We've been wanting a domestic scene like this so much. Breakfast, making lunch, flirting and a kiss over the breakfast bar, Jack feeding Nikki a bite of his toast. Then off to work together."

While one viewer exclaimed that this is, indeed, the scene that everyone has needed: "This! I have no words! They’re in there space! There life! I know it’s just a show but this is what everyone needs! This is what Jack and Nikki both need!"

neil pearson as steve, emilia fox as nikki and david caves as jack in silent witness
Gary Moyes - BBC

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One fan summed it up perfectly: "What a beautiful example of how you can have couples in a long-term relationship and actually *make a show better* rather than depending on the unstable 'will they won't they' dynamic. Jack and Nikki are fabulous together, and the little moments are everything."

The post even received a response from Nikki actress Emilia Fox, who said: "This message makes me so happy. Thank you for noticing that. It’s exactly what we hoped to do with them and show that relationships can work in tv couples! Thank you for watching."

While other fans simply enjoyed the imagery: "Who had it on their bingo card we’d go feral over a piece of toast?" one joked.

This isn't the first time Silent Witness has ignited passion among fans. Last week, viewers went crazy over a MasterChef connection while guest star John Hannah delighted fans in the first episode of this dramatic season.

Silent Witness is available to watch on BBC iPlayer airs on BBC One.

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