Shocking video shows youths trying to lift level crossing barrier moments before train speeds past at 125mph

Rail bosses have released shocking CCTV footage of a group of youths trying to lift a level crossing barrier just moments before a high-speed train shoots past at 125mph.

The video shows the group trying to lift the barrier at the crossing in Rossington, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, in March this year. 

Network Rail said the footage was "extremely concerning" and could have resulted in "tragic consequences".

Network Rail warned people not to interfere with level crossings as it released the footage. (SWNS)
Network Rail warned people not to interfere with level crossings as it released the footage. (SWNS)

They urged people not to interfere with level crossing barriers, and to pay attention to lights, barriers and warning signs, reminding the public that passenger and freight trains on the busy East Coast Main Line reach speeds of 125mph and cannot stop suddenly or swerve to avoid obstacles. 

Vicki Beadle, Operations Risk Advisor for Network Rail, said: "This footage from Rossington level crossing is extremely concerning and there could have been tragic consequences.

"The barriers are lowered for a reason and it’s never safe to interfere with them or hang around at a level crossing.

"It is crucial that people concentrate, always follow the rules and pay attention to the lights, barriers and warning signs at a crossing."

Tony McGhin, British Transport Police inspector, said: "Level crossings are in place for a reason; when used properly they work safely and efficiently.

"Messing around with these mechanisms is irresponsible, stupid and incredibly dangerous. I cannot emphasise enough the potentially lethal consequences of acts like these."

He said anyone witnessing somebody misusing or interfering with level crossings should contact British Transport Police immediately, either by texting 61016 or by calling 0800 405040, or dialling 999 in an emergency.