Sex Education star's new Netflix comedy confirms release date

jessica plummer, tanya reynolds, the decameron
Sex Education star's new comedy gets release dateGiulia Parmigiani/Netflix

Netflix's series adaptation of The Decameron has landed a release date at the streamer.

Starring a stacked ensemble, including Sex Education's Tanya Reynolds and Derry Girls' Saoirse-Monica Jackson, the eight-part show will become available to stream on the platform on July 25.

The release date has been confirmed in a steamy trailer for the series, also starring Girls' Zosia Mamet, as well as Amar Chadha-Patel, Leila Farzad, Lou Gala, Karan Gill, Tony Hale, Douggie McMeekin and Jessica Plummer.

jessica plummer, tanya reynolds, the decameron
Giulia Parmigiani/Netflix

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Based on the 14th-century collection of short stories by Giovanni Boccaccio, the show is a comedic adaption created by Kathleen Jordan and produced by Jenji Kohan (Orange is the New Black, GLOW).

Branded "a wine-soaked sex romp set in the Italian countryside," The Decameron is a dark comedy that delves into class struggles in the wake of a pandemic.

"In the year 1348, the Black Death strikes hard in the city of Florence, and a handful of nobles retreat with their servants to a grand villa to wait out the plague with a lavish holiday," the logline reads.

"But as social rules wear thin, a scramble for survival ensues, brought to life by a cast of characters both cunning and outrageous."

lou gala, douggie mcmeekin, tanya reynolds, amar chadha patel, tony hale, the decameron

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Like in the book, servants and nobles pass the time by taking turns telling each other stories ranging from witty to debauched.

"As time goes on and social rules wear thin," the synopsis continues, "the orgy of riches and liquor collapses into a struggle for survival."

To get a better sense of the series ahead of release, cast member Plummer, who plays spoiled noble Filomena, likened it to a present-day reality show.

"Think Love Island, but back in the day," the EastEnders star said. "A lot of drama, a lot of sex, a lot of craziness."

The Decameron starts streaming on Netflix on July 25.

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