Scenes of chaos as Free Palestine protest brings gridlock to Birmingham

Protesters brought gridlock to Birmingham city centre this afternoon.

Thousands attended the rally in the city that resulted in vehicles being driven slowly and pedestrians waving Palestine flags along Belgrave Middleway, a dual carriageway.

Police formed lines across the traffic to try and regain control in the scenes of chaos.

The demonstrators are angry with the recent flare of trouble between Israel and Palestine which has erupted with thousands of rockets being sent back and forth between Hamas and Israel.

Response to the protest has been mixed.

Suhad Miah said: "This will keep happening until the government listens once and for all. Free Palestine."

Iqbal Ahmed posted: "Guys... I'm all for freeing Palestine, but not this thoughtless disruption."

Lauran Donnelly commented: "I’m not being funny but how is causing serious traffic gonna stop what’s going on in Palestine?"