Roof collapses at Northwich Railway Station causing major train disruption

Part of the roof of a train station has dramatically caved in - narrowly missing passengers waiting on a platform.

Fire crews are currently on the scene after a huge pile of rubble was left strewn across the platform and waiting areas of Northwich Station in Cheshire late this morning (Tues).

Travellers reported seeing the roof and wall suddenly collapse around them, hurtling rubble onto the tracks.

Thankfully, nobody has been injured in the collapse but commuters are facing severe delays and cancellations while firefighters clear debris off the tracks.

Eyewitness Hollie Septhon said: "No one is hurt, everyone is okay apart from a bit of shock as it just happened on its own."

Weaver Vale MP Mike Amesbury said: "I was shocked to learn of a serious roof collapse at Northwich Railway Station this morning.

"My team have spoken to police and, miraculously, it appears nobody has been injured although there has been major disruption to the railway.

"Clearly there will need to be an official investigation to understand what has happened.

"Having just spoken to a senior Northern Rail manager, the priority is to make the area safe and get the trains running again.

"I am raising this incident with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps as a matter of urgency."

A spokesperson for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Everyone present at the time is accounted for.

"The crew is assessing the scene with representatives from Network Rail and has notified council engineers."