The Repair Shop star shares injury that caused permanent damage to his hand

dean westmoreland, the repair shop season 13
The Repair Shop star reveals injury to handRuth Roxanne Board - BBC

The Repair Shop star Dean Westmoreland has explained how his work has led to permanent damage to one of his hands.

The expert cobbler has been helping Jay Blades restore beloved family heirlooms since joining the BBC One show back in 2021. Although he finds the work "really fulfilling", it's not without its risks.

During a new interview with OK! Magazine, Westmoreland said that the shape of one of his thumb has been permanently changed, after repeatedly catching it in some machinery.

dean westmoreland, the repair shop season 12
Ricochet Ltd - BBC

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"I have a squared off thumb," he explained. "This thumb has been caught on the machine so many times that it's now squared off."

However, the injury isn't enough to dim Westmoreland's passion for his craft, as he continued: "I'm learning every single day and that's what drives me to get better. There is more than a lifetime's worth of learning in footwear. I'm hungry for it".

Sharing what it feels like to return a repaired item to its owner, he added: "It's really fulfilling. You know the history of the item, the story, you get an insight into people's lives. So there's that extra responsibility.

"When you give it back and they're happy, there's such a sense of relief."

dean westmoreland, the repair shop season 13
Ruth Roxanne Board - BBC

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It was recently announced that Westmoreland's Repair Shop co-star Jay Blades is set to continue his Through Time series on Channel 5.

While the previous series focused on the East End and the Midlands, West End Through Time will see Blades speaking to historians and experts about the history of London's West End.

"I love these series uncovering eye-opening, surprising and extraordinary facts about where we live," Blades said on the show's announcement.

"London is fascinating and there is so much history to delve into across the West End, with spectacular stories that many people won’t have heard before. Like me, I think viewers will be a bit blown away by some of the revelations that are in store."

The Repair Shop airs on BBC One.

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