Rare deep-sea squid ‘with headlights’ attacks camera 1km under water

A rare squid has been filmed wrapping its arms around a camera deep below the ocean surface, where conditions are near pitch black.

The Taningia Danae, at a depth of more than 1km, is seen spreading its tentacles over the camera lens.

Scientists from the University of Western Australia and Kelpie Geosciences in the UK shared the incredible footage.

It is claimed the squid had mistaken the camera for prey in the South Pacific on Wednesday 8 May.

“As we were reviewing the footage, we realised we had captured something very rare,” Associate Professor Stewart said.

The deep-sea hooked squid is renowned for having two very large photophores on the end of two of its arms - described as “headlights” - which produce bright bioluminescent flashes to startle and disorientate prey when hunting.