Prince of Wales has ‘open mind’ over tackling prejudice, says Holocaust educator

The Prince of Wales is “fully informed” about prejudice and has an “open mind” when it comes to tackling it, a 96-year-old Holocaust educator has said.

Maria Green said it was “important” to inform young people about prejudice and think of “appropriate examples” to help them rethink and change their outlooks.

Ms Green, who came to the UK just before the start of the Second World War in 1939, was made an MBE for services to Holocaust education, in the second royal investiture service since national lockdown on Thursday.

Maria Green from London is made an MBE by the Prince of Wales
Maria Green from London is made an MBE by the Prince of Wales at St James’s Palace, London during an investiture ceremony (Aaron Chown/PA)

Describing the ceremony at St James’s Palace, she said: “I loved the sense of occasion and I think the prince has a really good touch of humanity to overcome the title to be on a normal level.

“Everyday people are normal and if you sit on top of anything you’re not normal because you’re at the top.”

Asked about the importance of educating children about the atrocities of the Holocaust, she said: “To answer that question I’d have to spend 24 hours talking.

“I think you have to tell people about prejudice. It’s important to inform youngsters about history.

“I think people get prejudiced before they come to their teachers and you have to think of appropriate examples to make them see, think and rethink so as to be able to change their prejudice.”

Investitures at St James’s Palace
Holocaust survivor Maria Green, 96, with her MBE medal for services to Holocaust education (Victoria Jones/PA)

Ms Green said Charles was “aware” of issues of prejudice and had enjoyed speaking to him during the ceremony.

“He has seen enough of the world and spoken to enough people to be fully informed and I think he has a very open mind,” she said.

“Some people in certain positions take a certain stance and won’t move, but I think he listens and he’s aware of what you’re saying.

“I liked talking to him.”