Police hunt mystery man posting cash through letterboxes

Will Taylor
Close-up Of Human's Hand Inserting Letters In Mailbox
Close-up Of Human's Hand Inserting Letters In Mailbox

A mystery man has been posting money through letterboxes in a possible "random act of kindness".

Police have begun investigating the motivation behind the bizarre donations, which have seen the unidentified male give out sums of cash and letters.

But officers were mocked online for trying to find the man.

The Frome Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "[We] have received reports of a male posting sums of money and letters through doors in the community.

"We are keen to speak to this male and ascertain the reasoning behind this act."

It asked anyone with information or had experienced something similar to call 101 or use Avon and Somerset Police's website to pass on details.

One person wrote on Facebook: "I would much rather you be concerned with the amount of fly tipping and rubbish across our town, than a random act of kindness!"

Another said: "But surely, someone will have reported this in order for this to have been posted.

"Are acts of kindness really that rare now, that people are afraid/upset when it happens?!"

A different person suggested it might have been coincided with a "random acts of kindness day", while a fourt person said it could have been associated with Lent or Easter.

"It's probably just someone trying to do something good and to bring some light into someone's day, without the need to be thanked," the user wrote.

"Doing the right thing is not about being seen. It is about doing the right thing when no one is looking."

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