PM: Clear choice at election is bold action under Tories or Labour’s uncertainty

Rishi Sunak has insisted there is a “crystal clear” choice for voters at the General Election, warning a Labour government under Sir Keir Starmer would see taxes rises by £2,000 per household.

The Prime Minister claimed while the SNP has “driven Scotland’s finances into the ground”, the “black hole in Labour’s spending plans” will result in higher bills across the country.

He said only the Conservatives will “take the bold action necessary” to deliver a secure future for the United Kingdom.

Writing in the Scottish Daily Mail, Mr Sunak said that now the UK economy has “stabilised” it is right to give voters the choice of “who will best lead this country to a secure future”.

Here, he asked: “Do we build on the progress we have made or do we risk going back to square one with Labour?”

Speaking about Labour leader Sir Keir, who is campaigning in Glasgow on Friday, the PM said: “He has junked every pledge he made during his campaign for Labour leader, how do you know he wouldn’t do the same again if he became Prime Minister?

“If he hasn’t the courage to stand up and say what he believes in, how can he stand up for Britain – and the Union?

“We are the only party that believes this United Kingdom is better off when it’s exactly that – united.”

He said “the only thing Labour offers is more uncertainty”, going on to claim: “The only certainty with them is that their unfunded spending will end up running out of your money, leaving them with no option but to raise your taxes – just like the SNP who have driven Scotland’s finances into the ground.

The Prime Minister questioned whether Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer would ‘stand up for Britain – and the Union’ (Gareth Fuller/PA)
The Prime Minister questioned whether Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer would ‘stand up for Britain – and the Union’ (Gareth Fuller/PA)

“The black hole in Labour’s spending plans will mean every working household will have to pay £2,000 extra in taxes.”

He also criticised Sir Keir for his plans to cancel flights to take some asylum seekers who come to the UK to Rwanda – which are not due to start until after polling day on July 4.

Mr Sunak said: “On every issue, the choice between us and Labour is crystal clear. We offer bold action, they do not.

“Take immigration: we are determined to reduce immigration and stop the boats with our Rwanda scheme. The plans are in motion, the first flights are booked and they will go, but only if you vote Conservative on July 4, because Labour will stop the flights.”

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He also criticised the Scottish Government, saying while his party has “delivered for Scotland, the SNP has failed”.

Recalling the recent implementation of the Scottish Government’s Hate Crime Act, Mr Sunak said the SNP is “too busy caught up implementing woke laws that have left the police drowning in thousands of reported incidents”, claiming that as a result SNP ministers have “let standards slip in public services across the board”.

The Prime Minister – who has been accused by First Minister John Swinney of being “disrespectful” to Scots by holding the General Election when most schools in Scotland have broken up for the summer holidays – insisted: “Ultimately, this election is about who you trust, in these uncertain times, to deliver a secure future for you and your family.

“We Conservatives have a clear plan and are prepared to take the bold action necessary to deliver that secure future for our Union, and our United Kingdom.”

Sir Keir however hit back at the Prime Minister’s claims that a Labour government would lead to higher tax bills for households.

Speaking while campaigning in Glasgow, the UK Labour leader said: “What he said is as daft as him standing in the rain without an umbrella, pretending he’s a man with a plan.

“I wouldn’t spend too much time listening to what he says.”