What the papers say – December 20

The papers are mostly led by the Omicron outbreak’s impact on Christmas celebrations as the PM and his Cabinet weigh up the possibility of imposing restrictions.

The Times reports that Cabinet is split over scientific advisers’ call for new Covid restrictions ahead of Christmas.

Metro and i run with the latest on Omicron and its impact on travel restrictions and Christmas.

The Financial Times leads with the travel restrictions which are being imposed across Europe in response to the Omicron outbreak.

The Telegraph, The Independent, the Daily Express and the Daily Mirror also carry the latest on Omicron and its threat to Christmas celebrations as ministers weigh up the possibility of imposing new restrictions.

The Daily Mail urges the Prime Minister not to “ruin our Christmas again”, while The Sun labels scientists “gloomy” for recommending Covid restrictions.

Elsewhere, The Guardian‘s front page carries the latest in the Tory party scandal, showing Boris Johnson and his staff at No 10 in May 2020 during lockdown.

And the Daily Star leads with fears over the cost of biscuits rising.