Notes on chocolate: a creamy, dreamy combo that will have you melting

<span>Dinner party favourites: a tin of milk chocolate hazelnuts from Melt</span><span>Photograph: PR</span>
Dinner party favourites: a tin of milk chocolate hazelnuts from MeltPhotograph: PR

Sometimes you come across a chocolate so delicious it’s a real test of love to share it at all. However, if you don’t like milk chocolate and nuts, then probably best you don’t read this.

Melt Chocolate makes its chocolate in London’s famous Notting Hill. I grew up down the road, so I know this area like the proverbial back of my hand (could you pick your hand out of a lineup though? That’s the question) It always makes me laugh when I go in there, though, as I am invariably ignored, which is a shame, as… well… you know. I find a lot of the shops around there are really snooty and I’m not easy to snoot on, but I’m definitely not one of the Notting Hill set and, mercifully, never have been, so perhaps that’s why. But I’m not going to let a little froideur influence me.

Anyway, Melt has some new bars, in beautiful packaging, and they have my name all over them. Creamy, dreamy 38% milk chocolate stuffed full of nutty praline in pistachio, hazelnut, peanut or almond versions. I tried the last two and I couldn’t really tell them apart (the shame), but that didn’t matter as they were both wonderful (peanut had the edge perhaps). These aren’t cheap bars – sorry – £14.99/90g, but then W11 rents don’t come cheap.

If you’ve got the money and are on their site, do look at the chocolate-coated nuts, £25.99/250g. These tubs have minimal inner packaging and are really stuffed full. I loved the milk chocolate-covered caramelised almonds, but if white chocolate and pistachio is your thing, then do peruse, as they are coloured pale green and very pretty. A great thing to take to a dinner party.

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