No manic Monday if England win Euros, with bosses urged to grant free lie-in

People across England may have a delayed start to their working week should the national men’s football team triumph at Euro 2020 this weekend.

Employers have been urged to consider allowing staff to enjoy a lie-in on Monday due to the Three Lions’ participation in the European Championship final against Italy on Sunday night.

Victory at Wembley would mark the men’s football team’s first major tournament win since the 1966 World Cup.

England v Denmark – UEFA Euro 2020 – Semi Final – Wembley Stadium
England fans celebrate outside Wembley Stadium after England qualified for the Euro 2020 final (Zac Goodwin/PA)

It comes as momentum for a national day off in the event of glory continues to grow.

The mechanics for a Bank Holiday this Monday seem unworkable, given the short turnaround between the final ending late on Sunday night and when the day off would come into effect, potentially an hour later.

Instead, businesses may consider flexible working hours in order to allow staff to sleep off any celebratory or consolatory side effects.

Frances O’Grady, general secretary of the TUC (Trades Union Congress), said: “Bosses should talk to their staff about flexible working arrangements ahead of Monday morning – perhaps allowing them to start later and claim back their time afterwards.

“And bosses should show flexibility too towards the 2.2 million workers who work on a Sunday – many of them key workers.

“Many of them will want to watch the match, and they should be able to, either at work or by finishing early and making up the time.”

England v Denmark – UEFA Euro 2020 – Semi Final – Wembley Stadium
Employers have been urged to grant staff a later start on Monday if England win Euro 2020 (Zac Goodwin/PA)

The final is due to kick off at Wembley at 8pm.

The game will finish by 10pm if it ends in normal time.

However, if it goes to extra time or a penalty shoot-out, the game would conclude closer to 11pm.

Any trophy presentation for the Three Lions would likely delay bedtimes even further.

Downing Street remained coy on the prospects of a Bank Holiday – either on Monday or a later date – if England do triumph.

A No 10 spokesman said: “We don’t want to pre-empt the result and tempt fate. We would obviously set out any plans, if necessary, in due course. Let’s see what happens on Sunday.”

Wednesday’s semi-final victory over Denmark, which went to extra time but not penalties, finished at around 10.45pm.

Fans watching England v Denmark
England fans at the Vinegar Yard in London Bridge celebrate reaching the Euro 2020 final (Kieran Cleeves/PA)

Downing Street said employers who are able to should be flexible about allowing staff to go into work late on Monday or take the day off if England win.

The number of signatures calling for a Bank Holiday to celebrate an England win passed the 300,000 mark on Friday morning, although it was reported that ministers are considering scheduling the day off for August when coronavirus rules are relaxed.

The order for any Bank Holiday would have to come from the Queen.

Fans watching England v Denmark
Around 7.1 million pints are expected to be sold during the Euro 2020 final on Sunday (Tess Derry/PA)

The British Beer and Pub Association reckons nearly 13 million pints could be bought on Sunday.

It estimated 7.1 million of those would be sold within the course of the game itself if it ends within normal time – equating to almost 1,000 pints a second.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already said pubs can stay open until 11.15pm on Sunday to reduce the risk of customers being told to leave before the match ends.