Namibia condemns tourists for posing naked on Big Daddy dune

The Big Daddy dune is one of the three largest in Namib-Naukluft National Park  (Getty Images)
The Big Daddy dune is one of the three largest in Namib-Naukluft National Park (Getty Images)

The Namibian authorities have slammed a group of tourists for posing naked on the popular Big Daddy dune in the Namib desert, saying they are “shocked” by the incident.

Three male travellers allegedly stripped off for pictures and videos during a dune safari after hiking up the over 1,000-foot-tall sandbank – then ditching their clothes.

After the images circulated widely on social media, officials said the act was a public indecency violation of park regulations and national law.

The Big Daddy dune at Sossusvlei in the Namib-Naukluft National Park is one of the three largest dunes in the park and a top tourism draw for Namibia.

According to the Namibian Sun, vice-chairperson of the Federation of Namibian Tourism Association, Kenneth Nependa, labelled the incident “disgusting” adding that tourists think “they can do whatever they want” in Namibia.

Nependa said: “I mean, we have tourists writing graffiti on the Bushman rock art in Spitzkoppe, tourists hanging on the trees in Deadvlei, and now naked tourists climbing Big Daddy – which is a very famous dune for families and other tourists and locals.

“The ministry should really speak up and warn tourists that if this were to happen, the law will take its course.”

Disturbed visitors who came across the stark naked trio reported the incident to the authorities.

Romeo Muyunda, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism told local outlet The Nambian“It is a punishable act, according to the country’s laws. When this had been brought to our attention, we were shocked at the extent to which people could go.

“We condemn this type of action as it does not only go against our morals but also violates the country’s laws.”

The nude men have not been publicly identified and were believed to have left the country before local authorities could act on the reports.

Muyunda added that the ministry is considering “blacklisting” the foreigners from entering any of Namibia’s national parks in the future.

It’s not the first time tourists have been a nudist nuisance while overseas.

In October, authorities in Bali investigated a foreign visitor who was filmed meditating naked at a Hindu shrine, sparking anger on the Indonesian island.

Balinese influencer Ni Luh Djelantik reposted a video of a tourist baring all to the outrage of disrespected locals.

The incident followed the case of a woman who was reportedly detained by police in Bali after posing naked by a sacred tree in April 2023.