Mysterious metal object smashes through roof of Queensland home

A mysterious metal object crashed through a Queensland family's home, right where their five-month-old daughter was sitting just moments before.

At around 7pm on Wednesday, the mysterious piece of metal pierced through the ceiling of Tenika Lawther's roof at her family home in Gympie, before smashing into the tiles and leaving a giant dent.

After rebounding off the tiles, the object landed in a bouncer, where Ms Lawther's daughter, Oceana, had been sitting.

Ms Lawther told the ABC she believes if Oceana was still there, it would have killed her.

Pictured is the mysterious metal object next to a tape measure and the hole in the roof.
A mysterious metal object fell through a Queensland family's roof. Source: Facebook

At the time of the incident, Matthew Gardner was in the kitchen with Oceana and he heard a loud bang. Ms Lawther said there was smoke and debris throughout the home.

Looking up, the couple saw a hole in the roof and her floor tiles were smashed due to the impact.

"It flew straight past my head onto the couch so, yeah, any of us could have died last night and not known it was coming," Ms Lawther told the ABC.

"It was horrible."

Curious as to what came hurling through her home, Ms Lawther shared a picture of the metal object to Facebook, hoping someone could identify what it was.

Pictured is the mysterious metal object.
Luckily, the 3cm long object didn't hit anyone, though it left a decent-sized hole in a roof and a dent on the floor. Source: Facebook

She questioned in her Facebook post it could be from a plane or potentially space junk and she told the ABC it looked as though the object had come off of something.

"We are located in Gympie and contacted police link who weren't able to assist. We now need to go through our insurance and pay for this," she said.

Many on Facebook were amazed by the "insane" story and glad no one was injured.

A few people also speculated it could be space junk or debris from a plane.

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