Murrell expected before Alex Salmond inquiry committee

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SNP chief executive Peter Murrell is expected to give evidence at a Scottish Parliament committee on Monday.

Mr Murrell, husband of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, will face the committee looking into the Scottish Government’s handling of harassment complaints made against Alex Salmond.

The politician last appeared at the committee in December, but opposition parties have since raised questions about the evidence he gave.

Conservatives had threatened to trigger a vote on whether Ms Sturgeon misled Parliament if Mr Murrell did not reappear at the committee.

The committee is expected to discuss “division between Scottish Government and party political matters”.

Alex Salmond court case
The committee will look at the Government’s investigation into harassment complaints against Alex Salmond (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Committee convener Linda Fabiani previously sought clarity from Mr Murrell over a meeting between Ms Sturgeon and Mr Salmond at her Glasgow home on April 2 2018.

During this meeting, the First Minister was told by her predecessor of complaints of harassment made against him.

Responding to a letter from Ms Fabiani, Mr Murrell said Ms Sturgeon had mentioned the planned meeting the night before it took place.

He wrote: “My recollection is that Nicola mentioned to me on the Sunday evening that Mr Salmond would be visiting the next day, 2 April 2018.

“I have nothing further to add to my written and oral evidence on this matter.”

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