The Morning Show losing Julianna Margulies for season 4

Julianna Margulies will not return for the fourth season of The Morning Show, with the star reportedly turning down an offer.

As per Variety, the actor, who plays Laura Peterson on the Apple TV+ show, turned down an offer to appear in one episode in the upcoming fourth season.

Despite the breakdown in negotiations, Margulies was reportedly asked about appearing in a potential fifth season, though nothing is concrete yet.

julianna margulies, the morning show
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The actor joined the show in the second season as Laura, a journalist who begins a relationship with Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon). The pair broke up early in the third season, with the pair having a frosty exchange in one episode.

Whilst Margulies may not return immediately, there could be potential further down the line, with showrunner Charlotte Stoudt previously speaking to Variety about Laura’s development and what the future could hold for the character.

“What was fun this year was giving Laura more colours and complexity,” she said. “Julianna is a tremendous actress, and I wanted to see her get messy, nasty, ugly, hurt, vindictive, shattered. I wanted to turn up the temperature on that character.

“Laura is very cool, calm and collected. She is often the adult in the room - in Season 2, I kept thinking, ‘Listen to that lady! She knows the right thing to do!’ So I was like, ‘Okay, what if that lady’s getting it wrong? What if that lady stumbles or misjudges?’

julianna margulies, the morning show
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“There’s a kind of pathos to Laura, this loneliness to her. She went through something really difficult… Laura went through that phase of homophobia, and you get the sense her family doesn’t accept her. So I wanted to find her vulnerability more.

“We’re very, very, very early in the room [for Season 4], but I think I’d want to explore that more. Her dimensionality. Not just, ‘I’m Laura and I love Bradley, and she occasionally drives me crazy!’ I think there’s more to Laura than that.”

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