Man dies in Ibiza when ferry crashes into boat at night

Police in Ibiza are searching for the missing head of a man who was decapitated when a ferry struck his small inflatable boat.

The victim's body was found on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday morning rescue crews began the "very difficult task" of finding the severed head.

Spain’s Civil Guard said a survivor was taken to the hospital after being rescued from the water. 

The tragedy occurred at the entrance to the port of Ibiza.

Maritime rescue said they received two calls at 11.45pm on Tuesday about a collision.

Diario de Ibiza said one of the calls came from the ferry whilst the other was from a witness who heard a crash and screams. 

Shortly afterwards, rescue teams recovered the dismembered man's body.

The Civil Guard has opened a probe but say the man died when his his seven-metre boat strayed into the path of the ferry and was run over.

There are reports that the small boat had no lights and that a second person - who jumped into the water before the impact - has been taken to hospital with injuries.

The dead man has still be identified but reports suggest he was a 46-year-old Spaniard from Valencia.