MAFS Australia groom called out by co-star over misogynistic "unmarryable" rant

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MAFS groom called out by co-star over rant Channel 4

Married at First Sight Australia's Harrison Boon has been called out by former co-star Tahnee Cook over his misogynist rant on social media.

The 2023 MAFS groom took to Instagram earlier this week to share a series of controversial posts about some of his former female co-stars, labelling them as "unmarryables".

Sharing a screenshot of Lyndall Grace's tearful TikTok about her recent breakup on his Instagram Story, Boon commented: "Sucks for you Lyndall. At least you haven’t embarrassed yourself by saying over and over again how much better he was than Cam."

"Now you can join the rest of the unmarryables on Hinge," he added, alongside a photo Alyssa Barmonde's Hinge profile.

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Boon also labelled Abbie Chatfield, Sandy Jawanda and Bronte Schofield as "unmarryable" while sharing screenshots of their dating profiles, before sharing a screenshot from a statement claiming that the "danger zone" for women is between "27 and 35 years of age".

"You ladies might have avoided accountability on MAFS but karma is a bitch. The market ain’t buying what you’re selling and you’re running out of time," he captioned it.

Taking to her own Instagram page, Cook shared some screenshots from Boon's rant to defend the women included and slam his "disgusting" views.

"Being on MAFS was an intense experience for everyone and even immensely harder for those who put their hearts on the line to have it broken so publicly in front of the world. I love these girls so much and I won’t allow them to be spoken about in such a gross tone," Cook wrote in the caption.

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She continued: "Anyone that shares these same views is a misogynistic pig and you should run as far away as you can. The sentiment that woman are no value to men when they hit a certain age is just disgusting.

"How are we in 2024 with people still holding these beliefs? It is no longer normalised to stay in unfulfilling and toxic relationships in fear of being undesirable. Your age doesn’t determine your worthiness of love".

"If we are 'unmarryables' then who fkn cares. We don’t base our worth on the beliefs of disgusting men anyway," Cook concluded, adding: "Anyone who is happy and unbothered doesn’t have the time to drag people down like this."

The brides criticised by Boon commented Cook's post, with Barmonde saying that other men on the show should be addressing his behaviour, while Schofield echoed Cook's sentiments and wrote: "Your relationship status or age doesn’t determine your worth."

"Great stuff calling it out, love you girly," said Grace, with Jawanda adding: "I’ll stay happily unmarryable and unbothered than settle for someone like that".

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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