Jen Psaki and Biden don’t care about veterans

Jen Psaki's book is an exercise in tactical omission
Jen Psaki's book is an exercise in tactical omission - Leah Millis /Reuters

With a Trump-Biden rematch on the horizon, news outlets big and small are calibrating just how in the tank they need to be for the 46th president, and NBC News is no exception. Its decision to hire former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is now coming under rightfully renewed scrutiny following her unnecessary lie in service for her former boss, President Joe Biden, in her recent autobiography.

Psaki published in her book, “Say More,” this month, and included an anecdote in which she tarred the Gold Star families who watched Biden repeatedly stare at his watch as their loved ones rolled by in coffins draped with American flags as liars. In 2024, palatable narratives trump accuracy, even when it comes at the cost of the dignity of American veterans. While Psaki’s correcting the record, perhaps she could also edit the title to “Say Less.”

Even though Psaki’s “useless ass wasn’t even there” on the tarmac at Dover Air Force Base, she confidently asserted that “the president looked at his watch only after the ceremony had ended... Moments later, he and the First Lady headed toward their car.” According to the testimony of the families present, this is an outright lie.

While Psaki ultimately caved following pressure from the Gold Star families, who successfully forced a mild correction, her impulse to disregard what everyone knew to be true stands not only to condemn her character but the character of the administration she once worked for. After-all, dishonesty has been the hallmark of the Biden administration ever since its failed withdrawal that saw Afghanistan turned over to the Taliban.

In announcing her slight update, she made no actual apology to the parents and families she slandered, in much the same way that Biden has never said out loud the names of the servicemen and women killed in Afghanistan when he decided to pull up stakes and surrender to the Taliban. Her publication company Simon and Schuster did not respond to request for comment.

Psaki’s commitment to the truth has always been questionable. Harken back to the halcyon days of the White House press briefings, when Psaki was lobbing her famed “Psaki Bombs,” pledging to “circle back” on a near-daily basis to an eager press corps – whose bosses were seeking to pluck Psaki from the podium and put her in prime time.

At the exact same time, she was in negotiations with the very TV networks – including CNN and NBC News – who were ostensibly asking her questions for the public’s consumption. It’s easy to see how Psaki bombs turned into Psaki dummy grenades once the contracts started getting typed up. Instead of extracting information from her for their ostensibly eager viewers, the networks were too busy trying to extract commitments from her to headline their streaming services, which she is now doing for MSNBC’s Peacock.

Even the New York Times, in a searing glimpse into NBC News’s shift to the Left, noted that hiring Psaki straight from the White House raised at least a few eyebrows internally. “Nothing did more to signal that MSNBC was more tightly embracing its partisan direction than [its] decision to hire Ms. Psaki and another Biden aide, Symone D. Sanders, straight from the White House,” the Times noted.

Her so-called truth, is of course, being called into question in the aftermath of the latest political memoir-gate. “I feel like she purposely put that in her book knowing full well that it was not true,” Steve Nikoui, a Gold Star father whose son Kareem Nikoui was killed during the Abbey Gate suicide bombing in August 2021, told me. “And now thousands of copies are out spreading this false narrative.”

Alicia Lopez, whose son Hunter Lopez was killed the same day as Kareem Nikoui, added that Psaki’s lies are a synecdoche not about corporate media, but about her old colleagues in the Biden administration. “Not once has the Biden administration mentioned their names or taken responsibility for the murder of our children,” Lopez said. “Now Psaki writes a book to tell people her story. Unfortunately for her, she picked the wrong story to add to her book. She underestimated the parents of the servicemembers she mentioned – even though she didn’t even have the dignity to mention their names.”

Psaki’s tome is a light-on-truth depiction of her time in Biden’s White House. Because she worked for a President who has an easy time inventing his own personal history, Psaki’s easy reinvention of history should come as no surprise. Perhaps an examination of “what is truth?” is a question Psaki can use to lead off her next monologue.