Influencer says being robbed was ‘best thing that ever happened’ as she shows off gifted designer items

Victoria Paris shares massive Paco Rabanne haul after getting robbed  (TikTok/Victoria Paris)
Victoria Paris shares massive Paco Rabanne haul after getting robbed (TikTok/Victoria Paris)

An influencer has revealed she is making light of a bad situation with a huge haul of designer items from Paco Rabanne.

On June 7, Victoria Paris – a fashion and lifestyle influencer with more than 439,000 followers on Instagram and 1.9 million on TikTok – took to her social media account to share the harrowing news that her home in Los Angeles had been robbed. The 25-year-old posted video footage of the masked man lurking outside while she was traveling with her brother in Lisbon.

In the video, Paris got emotional, discussing how she’s had so much fun detailing her life online and letting her followers revel in experiences with her. However, now that’s changed. Paris admitted she’s now questioning whether sharing aspects of her personal life with her following is a good idea.

Two days later, the TikToker appeared in way better spirits with a new perspective on the robbery. On June 9, Paris posted to her account again to show the massive haul of Paco Rabanne pieces she was gifted.

The content creator first confessed the robber had stolen all her Rabanne purses, calling him “silly,” before waltzing back in front of the camera with five Rabanne bags.

“Rabanne really said: ‘Checkmate b****,’ because they sent me everything that was stolen and then some,” Paris said.

She then proceeded to pull out a pair of chunky loafers from Rabanne’s collaboration with New Rock, six garments, four bags, and one belt.

“I would literally rob the f*** out of me in this,” Paris proclaimed as she danced around in a pink mini-dress that retails for more than $1,100. “Miss body by burglary,” she added in a long black ensemble.

Paris said her humor was how she coped with tough situations “like this.”

“Um, I don’t know if I should say it, but I’m going to say it. Being robbed might have been the best thing that ever happened to me,” she exclaimed.

The style enthusiast ended the video by thanking Rabanne for generously sending over all the items she allegedly lost and a few more.

Paris’ followers sent her sweet comments, arguing she deserved to be sent all these gifts because she’s worked hard for everything she has.

“This is so sweet I would cry. I’m so grateful you have such support around you!!! Looking up to you ever day,” one fan wrote, while another remarked: “I’m so happy they sent you everything!!!!!”

“Your sense of humor is top tier, sometimes you gotta laugh so you don’t cry,” a third admitted.

Before Paris posted her summer clothing haul sponsored by Rabanne, she pieced together video clips of her home in Los Angeles over the last year and sadly confessed she now has to move because of the recent incident.

“The first place I’ve ever had that felt like a home I’ll miss it,” she wrote.

The Independent has contacted Paris for a comment.