Hollyoaks' Sienna makes affair discovery

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Sienna Blake will use the discovery of an affair to her advantage in Hollyoaks.

The schemer has refused to give up on her plan to win the Earl of Dee's hand in marriage, even after her numerous lies were exposed by ex-boyfriend Ethan.

In the wake of Rafe's recent health scare, Sienna has teamed up with Ste Hay to get revenge on the number one rival for Rafe's affections – his ex-girlfriend Camilla Bassington-Hart.

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Sienna is determined to recoup the money Rafe promised for the twins' education funds in upcoming scenes, so she ignores a life-changing question from Ethan.

Rafe finds Sienna trying to pilfer a family heirloom, seemingly dooming her from getting the money once and for all. However, Sienna next makes a discovery that changes everything.

Sienna happens to see Camilla in an intimate moment with the Earl's assistant Nadira, and tries to pressure Nadira into publicly revealing the truth.

She soon confronts Rafe and Camilla directly with her affair claims. While Nadira initially denies the allegation, she comes clean when Camilla demeans her in front of the Earl.

Sienna next has to face an important decision when Ethan asks her to choose between love and money, though she makes it clear the twins are her priority.

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Rafe surprises Sienna by turning up unannounced to once again ask for her hand in marriage after making a confession of his own.

The couple make a show of announcing their engagement at The Dog, while Camilla decides to leave once and for all. Before she goes, Camilla leaves Nadira with a warning about the Harcourts.

Sienna will try to make amends with Ethan after her engagement news, but he's far too hurt to accept her olive branch. Is it really over for Ethan and Sienna?

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