Hollyoaks airs new Patrick Blake twist in Dilly story

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks will air a new Patrick Blake twist as his daughter Dilly Harcourt breaks into the school where her father used to work.

Dilly recently hid with help from Ethan Williams, after it was revealed that she'd killed her husband Rafe in a spate of jealousy.

After Dilly took Liberty Savage hostage earlier this month, Sienna Blake discovered that Dilly is her long-lost sister – the daughter of evil (and dead) Patrick Blake.

Next week, Dilly is haunted by visions of her dead father when she tries breaking into the school, only to suffer a head injury in the process.

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Meanwhile, Ethan has arranged a way for Dilly to escape the country through one of his contacts. While Ethan is ready to send Dilly off, she doesn't get very far.

Leela Lomax later hears a suspicious noise in Cindy Cunningham's flat. She assumes it's Ethan since he's been staying with Cindy, but viewers will see it's Dilly in bad shape following her head injury.

Ethan has even more problems on his hands when Dilly eventually decides that she doesn't want to leave the village without him. When Ethan refuses to leave and gives her some home truths, Dilly decides she'll stay in Chester too.

Now backed into a corner, Ethan feels he has no choice but to admit to Sienna that he's been harbouring Dilly and trying to help her escape the country.

Dilly's condition continues to deteriorate, as she once again breaks into the school where she sees visions of her evil dad Patrick.

It was recently confirmed that Patrick Blake will continue to play a big role in the soap this year even though he was killed off by his granddaughter Nico in 2016.

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"Having had this little taster, which I really have enjoyed, then the prospect of me coming back into the show has been – well I kind of retired so it’s been a surprise for me! A very nice surprise," Patrick actor Jeremy Sheffield told Metro.

"Obviously I’ve been desperate to find out exactly how on earth I’m going to come back in the show given that my character is very dead so we will just have to wait and see exactly how that is going to happen but it’s exciting news."

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