Grey's Anatomy set to lose another cast member in season 21

midori francis, greys anatomy
Grey's Anatomy confirms another cast exitAnne Marie Fox - Getty Images

Grey's Anatomy is set to lose another of its stars as Midori Francis leaves for season 21.

The actor has starred as medical intern Mika Yasuda for the past two seasons, making a name for herself with her dark humour and penchant for getting into trouble.

Deadline reports the decision to leave the show was "amicable" and that Francis had been looking for other career opportunities since signing with WME earlier this year.

midori francis, greys anatomy
Anne Marie Fox - Getty Images

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She is reportedly in negotiations to appear in season 21 to wrap up her character's storyline. Mika has recently been caring for surgeon Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) as she recovers from her own life-saving surgery.

It comes as Jake Borelli announced his exit from the medical drama after playing Dr Levi Schmitt for seven seasons. Borelli has been vital to the show's LGBTQ+ representation – Levi was part of the show's first same-sex male relationship, with Dr Nico Kim (Alex Landi).

Sandra Oh recently crushed fans' hopes that she would return to her role as Cristina Yang, saying that her reappearance on the show "won't be anytime soon."

Grey's Anatomy, Jake Borelli, Levi Schmitt

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Rumours of other cast members leaving the show were previously squashed by Disney TV Group President Craig Erwich, who said the drama is in "great shape".

"We just celebrated the 20th season of Grey’s, which makes it the longest-running medical drama on television, and I think the show is creatively firing on all cylinders and continues to be extraordinarily popular — if not the most popular show in terms of past seasons," he said (per Deadline).

"We see new generations coming into the show on a monthly basis, so the show’s in great shape. Well over 80% [of the audience] watches the show on multiple platforms, not specifically live, so we think the move is going to be minimal, as well as it will provide an incredible lead into our local news at 11."

Grey's Anatomy season 20 and Station 19's final season are airing on ABC in the US. Both shows stream on Disney+ in the UK.

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