General Election 2017


Well, well, well. It looks like the infamous #traingate may have inspired the Tories into action... Or not. Do read!
Steve Topple
Remember Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘traingate’? Well it may just have inspired the Tories to act
The Canary
@FinnMcLovin @FranS199 I'm not pro-Brexit. I campaigned against it passionately. And we lost.
Owen Jones
Wrong. Check out my YouTube channel, full of videos of me amicably chatting with Tories and rightwingers. Proudly i…
Owen Jones
@alexander_olly ❤️❤️👏💪✊️
Owen Jones
SOON: @BBC's Anne McElvoy presents the The Inside Story of Election '17. Listen live! Join4Alert #UKelection
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