Fundraiser for young Germany fan seen crying at Wembley hits £35k but girl yet to be found

A campaign set up to raise cash for a young fan who was filmed crying during Germany's 2-0 defeat to England at Wembley has passed the 35k mark, but unfortunately she has still to be tracked down.

Images of the child went viral after the game and ex-player Stan Collymore later shared screengrabs showing how some internet users had taunted the girl about Germany's Nazi past.

Gary Lineker replied: "Absolutely disgusting. Sickening xenophobia."

Welshman Joel Hughes, from Pontypridd, told Sky News he set up a JustGiving page to demonstrate that "not everyone from the UK is horrible and that we care".

Mr Hughes said: "I saw the tweet from Stan Collymore, I saw the vile unchecked abuse being directed at the images of the young girl. And I think it struck a chord, not just in terms of the vileness of the online abuse, but also the xenophobia, which taps into deeper issues of where Britain is now and how we are perceived on the world stage.

"I thought you know what, I want do try and do something here, however small it might be.

"I thought we'd get a couple of hundred pounds. But if I'd got a couple of hundred quid the chances of me ever trying to get in touch with the family would have been negligible, so the scale has helped it.

"But there is a down side, because you do have a nagging in the back of your mind that the family just want you to shut up about it and stop showing the image."