Four-minute song playlist created to time your shower – and save you money

Man singing in the shower
Man singing in the shower

Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer might not be the first song that comes to mind when having a morning shower but playing it while washing could save households money on their bills.

In a bid to encourage customers to use less water, Yorkshire Water, the water supply and treatment utility company, created a Spotify playlist compiled of four-minute songs – the ideal time to shower while looking to cut down on water consumption.

The charity, WaterAid, has also compiled a four-minute shower list on Spotify, with tracks ranging from Elton John’s Your Song to Madonna’s Material Girl.

Despite energy prices having fallen to their lowest level in two years, consumers are being encouraged to keep up money-saving tips.

Under Ofgem’s latest price cap, the annual bill for a household using a normal amount of gas and electricity has dropped by £238, to £1,690.

Ofgem previously announced a new charge of £16 per household to help suppliers cope with the £3 billion of debts built up by householders during the energy crisis, which are now unlikely to ever be recovered.

The Environment Agency warned that parts of England could run out of water within 20 years because of the impact of climate change and leaks.

Last year, the Government looked at banning power showers to save water. Ministers were looking at how to cut individual demand from 144 litres a day to 122 litres a day by 2038 to protect supplies. The plans included the development of new standards for showers and taps which restrict how much water they can use.

A recent study by Swansea University found more powerful showers actually allow people to achieve their showering goal more quickly, which results in shorter showers and reduces carbon emissions.