Emmerdale's Flo Wilson hints at softer side to Claudette

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale newcomer Flo Wilson has hinted that her character Claudette Anderson will tone down her harsh comments.

Claudette, who's the mother of village vicar Charles Anderson, made a memorable debut in this week's episodes.

Charles introduced Claudette to his partner Manpreet Sharma, who was horrified to recognise her as someone she'd clashed with at the café earlier on.

Things didn't get much better once Claudette knew who Manpreet was, as she pointedly made jibes about Manpreet jilting Charles years ago.

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Speaking about her role, Flo explained: "I don't think Claudette would say she's overbearing with Charles – just a bit too motherly! If anything, she infantilises Charles a bit.

"But she's doing it because she loves Charles and she wants to look after him. That's the role she's always had with him and now that she's come to the village, she's gone back to that even though he's a grown man."

She continued: "Claudette speaks her mind, but she's also speaking the truth and she thinks it's better to be clear. I don't think she's sometimes aware that she might hurt someone's feelings until afterwards – after she's done it.

"Claudette doesn't have a mean bone in her body, but she does walk over people's feelings and emotions.

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"The writing is absolutely brilliant. I just love the things Claudette says and the way she says them. The interpretation could be slightly cruel, but she's not that.

"I think, having been alone for a while, she's forgotten how to be around people. I think she'll learn to rein it in a bit!"

However, Flo also suggested that it might take some time before Claudette approves of Manpreet living with Charles, since they're not yet married.

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Flo explained: "Claudette thinks Charles is a vicar because of her – she made him go to Sunday school and that made him religious! She sees Charles' position in the village and thinks it's all down to her. She's very proud of him.

"As far as Claudette is concerned, though, her son is living in sin with Manpreet. She probably thinks Manpreet has led him into that, because he's a vicar and he wouldn't think that way himself! She thinks she needs to stick around to see that Charles is on the straight and narrow.

"What I've also been liking is there have been little comments about Charles' past. I'm looking forward to hearing what Claudette has to say about him growing up – what kind of mischief did he get up to?"

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