EastEnders’ Reiss issues Bianca with a threat in early iPlayer release

EastEnders spoilers follow from Tuesday’s episode (June 11), which is available to stream on BBC iPlayer now and hasn’t yet aired on BBC One.

EastEnders’ Reiss Colwell has issued Bianca Jackson with a stern threat in the show’s latest episode.

Yesterday, Bianca, convinced Reiss was hiding something, decided to investigate and followed him to the nursing home.

It was there that she discovered Reiss had been paying for his and Sonia’s IVF treatment using the money of his wife Debbie, who remains in a coma – and he had returned to ask for more cash.

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In today’s episode, a shocked Bianca confronted Reiss about his actions, but Reiss doubled down and said Debbie would want what’s best for him and Sonia.

Bianca said she wasn’t going to keep Reiss’s secret, having just lost Whitney for keeping Zack’s betrayal from her, and she issued him with an ultimatum – either he tells Sonia everything or she will.

Reiss did as he was told and confessed what he had done to Sonia, who was devastated and thought it was unethical.

In the café, Bianca tried to tell Sonia about how Reiss had also tried to scam Jay and Kat that day, and urged her to end the relationship, but Sonia wouldn’t listen.

sonia fowler, reiss colwell, eastenders

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After Kathy spotted that Sonia was upset, the pair had a chat, where Sonia explained the situation and asked for her advice.

Kathy reminded Sonia that Reiss had only lied because he knew how much she wanted a baby, and sensitively added that when Debbie eventually dies, the money will go to Reiss anyway.

Inspired by the conversation, Sonia chose to give Reiss another chance, and the pair decided to use the remainder of Debbie’s money to fund the IVF add-ons.

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Bianca wasn’t happy to discover that Sonia and Reiss were still together, and she chastised her sister for going back to him.

Once Sonia had gone to bed, Bianca continued to taunt Reiss, and he responded with a cruel rant, calling Bianca a "chaotic mess" and a "toxic, lonely spinster".

"If you keep on coming between me and Sonia," he said, "I’m warning you, I’m not going to stand for it."

Hurt by Reiss’ words, what will Bianca do now?

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer, where most episodes drop early at 6am ahead of their TV broadcast.

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