Doctor Who Children in Need 2023: How to watch and what to expect

Davcd Tennant as Doctor Who (James Pardon / BBC Studios)
Davcd Tennant as Doctor Who (James Pardon / BBC Studios)

With the release of an exclusive sequence featuring David Tennant's 14th Doctor, the BBC has officially confirmed that, in keeping with tradition, Doctor Who will be featured in the Children in Need charity telethon.

A unique behind-the-scenes look at its production celebrating the launch of the new Doctor Who support series, Doctor Who Unleashed, will also be available for viewers.

Tennant noted in a press release, “Every year that I was on Doctor Who we did something for BBC Children in Need, so it only feels right to be doing something this year.

“Children in Need is a national tradition, it’s certainly a BBC tradition, and Doctor Who is part of that. I’m so glad we’re able to give Children in Need viewers this little extra treat.”

When is the Doctor Who Children in Need special on?

The 14th Doctor will go on his adventure tonight (November 17) on BBC One and iPlayer at 7pm.

The BBC annually hosts Children in Need, an annual telethon, to promote fundraising for a range of programmes and initiatives targeted at enhancing the lives of children who face obstacles including illness, poverty, disability, or other disadvantages.

Special programming, celebrity appearances, musical performances, and touching tales about the kids who gain from the money raised are usually included.

Donations from the public are welcomed during the event, and the funds raised are used to benefit numerous groups and projects throughout the United Kingdom.

Who stars in it?

Tennant's new Time Lord will join comedian and actor Mawaan Rizwan in the broadcast as they both solve a long-standing mystery involving none other than the Daleks.

When is Ncuti Gatwa’s first episode?

In honour of the 60th anniversary, Doctor Who will return on November 25, 2023, with three special episodes starring David Tennant as the 14th Doctor. During Christmas, Ncuti Gatwa's debut episode as the 15th Doctor will air.