Defending the Crown: Why Season Six Part One is better than some critics think

The final season of Netflix's The Crown, the drama based on the lives of the British Royal Family, has finally arrived.

Part One is officially out on the streaming platform, with four episodes diving into Princess Diana’s story, including her death in 1997.

Part Two of Season Six is due to be released on December 14th, and will comprise six episodes covering Charles and Camilla’s relationship, as well as the adult lives of Princes William and Harry along with their partners Kate and Meghan.

It is fair to say there have been mixed reviews of Season Six Part One, including some quite damning one and two-star reviews from critics.

One critic described the first part of the series as ‘so bad it’s basically an out of body experience’.

However, The Standard’s own Melanie McDonagh has given Part One of the final season a four-star review.

In this episode of The Standard podcast Melanie shares her review of Season 6 Part One, discussing the casting, performances and why some critics might not be a fan of the episodes.

Melanie also explains the historical accuracy of some of the latest episodes compared with more dramatised elements, and also reveals why she is not looking forward to part two.

You can read Melanie’s full four-star review of Season Six Part One here.

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