Deckchairs returning to Blackpool beach

A local businessman has reintroduced deckchairs to Blackpool beach 10 years after the local council stopped renting them out.

Deckchairs first appeared at the Lancashire resort in 1912 and were hugely popular with tourists for many years, but later received criticism for being too “old fashioned” in the early 2000s.

But a spike in demand for UK “staycations” as a result of the coronavirus restrictions which have limited foreign travel has provided an opportunity for deckchairs to be reintroduced.

Businessman Andrew Beaumont has leased the area between Central Pier and the RNLI station from Blackpool Council to operate his deckchair and windbreaks business.

A giant deckchair on display (Peter Byrne/PA)
A giant deckchair on display (Peter Byrne/PA)

Mr Beaumont from Blackpool Deckchairs said: “Back in the 80s and 90s I spent many years hiring out deckchairs in the Blackpool, they were very much a part of my childhood and working life and I am certainly looking forward to taking trip down memory lane.

“I’d like to thank Blackpool Council for offering me the opportunity to re-introduce the deckchair to Blackpool sands.

“As we’ve been speaking to locals and visitors we’ve had a really positive response and can’t wait to get up and running.”

There will be 500 chairs available starting at £3 a day and will be in a range of colours, including some with tangerine stripes to match Blackpool Football Club’s colours.

In 2004, Blackpool Council had 68,000 deckchairs available to rent but use of them steadily decreased over the years and in 2014, the council sold their remaining 6,000 deckchairs after a remodelling of the pier left most unused.

Two women use some of the new deckchairs (Peter Byrne/PA)
Two women use some of the new deckchairs (Peter Byrne/PA)

Councillor Lynn Williams, Leader of Blackpool Council, said: “It is fantastic to see deckchairs return to Blackpool.

“There will be a whole generation of visitors who have never experienced hiring a deckchair for a day on our beach, it’s a much-loved tradition and I’m sure it will bring back happy memories to many of our visitors this summer.

“I wish Andrew every success.”