DaBaby's entourage caught on security camera beating up two fans in a car park

A fan who approached DaBaby "asking for a handshake" outside a strip club was beaten by a gang of men accompanying the rapper in a brutal assault caught on CCTV.

The 29-year-old 'ROCKSTAR' rapper reportedly visited the club that evening to celebrate a friend's birthday earlier this year.

CCTV shows a man approaching the star - who features on Kanye West's recent release - appearing to reach out his hand and talk to the rapper.

Onlookers said the man was a fan who wanted to congratulate the rapper, wearing a light blue shirt in the footage, but was "chased off" by large men who accompanied him.

They follow the man who is walking away, and DaBaby can be seen walking with them, before stepping away and into an SUV just seconds before the fan is floored by a punch.

According to witnesses, the same crew were involved in a second fight in the same car park with another fan after he attempted to break up the brawl.

A video of that fight shows some of the men later fleeing the scene.

Both punch ups took place behind La Vida Gentlemen's Club in Los Angeles, California, USA, at 3.45am on May 19.

Onlookers said both men were left with "lumped up" faces.

DaBaby, or Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, can't be seen getting involved in either fight.

The 29-year-old star has recently been criticised after making homophobic comments during his performance at Rolling Loud Miami in July. 

An onlooker speculated that "the fight happened because DaBaby has that persona where he doesn't want to be involved with anything without his permission." 

They described an incident prior to the brawl where DaBaby asked one of his security detail to "check" the pictures the onlooker had taken on their phone. 

The onlooker added: "The fan was simply that, just a fan who wanted to shake his hand and the situation was escalated because the guy was a little bit drunk and belligerent."

The club had been renamed 'Kandyland' for the event that night and the main entrance was through the car park behind the venue.

The onlooker said clubgoers approached the first beaten fan after DaBaby and his crew had left.

He said the man "didn't understand why he was treated so bad when it was clear he was harmless and just wanted to praise DaBaby." 

The beaten man also said that the entourage grabbed his gold chain necklace and threw it over a fence during the scuffle, according to the onlooker. 

The other male who was beaten had a "lumped up face" and sustained more severe injuries, according to an eyewitness. 

DaBaby's representation has been approached for comment.