The Crown leaves viewers upset over Princess Diana scenes: ‘I’ve never cried this much’

Viewers of The Crown have emotionally reacted to the sixth and final season after it dropped on Netflix on Thursday.

Fans of the royal drama admitted they were left upset after watching the weeks leading up to Princess Diana's fatal car crash on August 31, 1997.

The first episode starkly opens with viewers seeing a dog walker ringing the emergency services after witnessing the accident in a Parisian tunnel.

In subsequent scenes, audiences watch the late Princess of Wales’ body brought home for the funeral as well as Prince William’s heartbreaking reaction to the news of her death.

After taking in the four episodes, many viewers took to X, former Twitter, to share their heartbreak over experiencing the late Royal’s death 26 years on and praise Elizabeth Debicki for her convincing portrayal.

One viewer penned: “Watching the first half of the season knowing what was coming was so dreadful and made every scene more emotional. Princess Diana deserved better.”

The first episodes of the final series of The Crown have left viewers emotional (PA Media)
The first episodes of the final series of The Crown have left viewers emotional (PA Media)

“I’ve never cried this much when watching The Crown,” another shared on the platform.

A third added: “Just finished the first four episodes of The Crown S6. Seeing how Princess Diana’s death played out when we know what happened hit me again. Really emotional. All actors were great but Elizabeth Debicki was phenomenal.”

“Just binged watch the The Crown S6 and boy did I cry! Got me extremely emotional,” another viewer wrote. “I was only ten when Diana died and I can remember it like it was yesterday!

“Will never forget it! There wasn’t one dry eye in the country! Saddest day in British history.”

The viewers’ comments come after Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell called out The Crown for going “too far” in re-enacting the final moments of the late royal’s life.

The 65-year-old joined the household of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1987 where he worked as her butler until her untimely death.

Diana, Princess of Wales’s former butler Paul Burrell (PA Archive)
Diana, Princess of Wales’s former butler Paul Burrell (PA Archive)

Burrell branded the final series, which focuses on the events leading up to her tragic death, as  “distasteful” and insisted that it was “macabre” to show the crushed Mercedes-Benz in which she died.

He told The Mirror US: “It still feels macabre to show the vehicle in which she died, it’s just gone too far.

“I find the whole scene of Diana’s death portrayed in a fictional TV show to be grotesque.”

Following the release of the latest series, Burrell urged viewers to watch The Crown with caution and asked viewers to focus on the late princess’ legacy rather than her final moments.

The first episodes from the final series of The Crown are streaming on Netflix now