Corrie's Tracy caught lying over her affair with Tommy Orpington

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Tracy McDonald is caught in a lie next week, as she continues her secret affair with Tommy Orpington.

Tracy recently decided to betray husband Steve by embarking on a fling with former footballer Tommy and, despite the pair agreeing that their initial passionate encounter was a one-off, their secret meetings have continued.

In scenes that will air next week, Tracy reveals that she has the house to herself while Steve is out on an airport run, and Tommy heads over to see her.

gav, tim metcalfe, tracy mcdonald, coronation street

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Meanwhile, Gav Adetiba has a new window cleaning round. As he starts work at No.1, Tim Metcalfe gives him a hand as he gets used to his ladder.

However, Tracy spots Tim's face at her bedroom window and screams. He is mortified, and climbs back down in haste.

Shortly afterwards, Tracy soon appears on the street in her dressing gown. She convinces Tim and Gav that she and Steve have been enjoying some lunchtime fun together, and adds that she'd be grateful if they could be discreet about the situation.

gav, tim metcalfe, tracy mcdonald, coronation street
gav, tim metcalfe, tracy mcdonald, coronation street

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However, back at home, Tim disregards Tracy's request and tells his wife Sally about what happened.

Things are further complicated when Steve later tells Sally that he spent the whole day in his car.

After their conversation, Sally is left wondering who was in bed with Tracy. Are Tracy and Tommy close to being rumbled?

tommy orpington, tracy mcdonald, coronation street

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The pair already face getting found out this week when Tracy and Steve's daughter Amy Barlow discovers Tracy and Tommy alone together at the flower shop.

Kate Ford, who plays Tracy, recently explained her character's reasoning for going behind Steve's back and getting passionate with Tommy, saying that she isn't feeling appreciated by her husband.

"She realises how fed up she is with her life," she said. "She's being ruthless and brutal.

"Tommy is good looking. He's got a bit of glamour as an ex-footballer and she fancies him. She's like 'God, yeah, I'm really bored, this is fun!'"

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