Coronation Street star Antony Cotton confirms long-running storyline for Dylan

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Antony Cotton has confirmed plans for his on-screen son, Dylan Wilson, to take centre stage in a long-running storyline.

The actor, who plays Sean Tully in the show, revealed that Liam Connor's ongoing bullying ordeal will spin off into another big plot.

Dylan has been involved in bullying Liam at school over the past few months, hoping that his actions will impress ringleader Mason Radcliffe.

Sean has been in denial over Dylan's guilt, but he discovers the truth next week when he searches through his son's phone and finds evidence of the bullying.

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Speaking to Digital Spy and other press, Antony revealed: "Sean's discovery is the beginning of this part of the story – which will lead to a longer runner."

He continued: "The story so far is that Sean hasn't wanted to see it. Well, that's a natural story for every parent – they don't want to see the bad in their kid.

"Because Dylan is his son, Sean just wants to see the good in him. Actually, if the truth be told throughout all of this, Dylan is a good kid."

"Sean can't recognise what's going on and he isn't reading between the lines. Sean's seeing the very basics of what's being presented to him and he's not piecing the rest of it together," he added.

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"He thinks: 'Well, Mason's a bully. We know that Mason's a bully, so, therefore, it's all him. Dylan is telling me that he's been bullied by him, so therefore, I've got to believe him'."

Antony predicted that it may take a while for Sean to repair his friendship with Liam's mum, Maria.

The pair recently fell out during a meeting at the boys' school – and the situation will only get worse this week as Maria discovers the full extent of Liam's recent ordeal.

Antony said: "I love working with Samia [Longchambon, who plays Maria] so much. When we had the meeting at the school, I ad-libbed a line.

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"I just made it up off the top of my head and I said: 'If you didn't do half the Street's hair you couldn't get a job in a biscuit factory'. She went: 'A biscuit factory?!' We had a massive laugh filming that scene, screaming about biscuit factories.

"That stuff with Samia I've loved doing, because we always get on. But when it's about kids, this is where it all goes wrong. That's when you hear about families that fall out over their kids, because one sees them as their precious angel and the other one knows more of the truth."

"So I think that's what's happening with Sean and Maria. Listen, Sean's everybody's friend, so I imagine that all will be well in the end, but it's probably going to take a year for us to get there," he added.

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