Combined flu and Covid jab produces ‘higher immune response’ than separate injections

Combined flu and Covid jab produces 'higher immune response' than separate injections
Combined flu and Covid jab produces 'higher immune response' than separate injections

A combined flu and Covid vaccine from Moderna has been found to provoke a higher immune response than separate single jabs.

The results raise hopes the new vaccine could be approved by regulators for the 2025 or 2026 flu season, with the possibility of being rolled out on the NHS.

At the moment, Moderna’s Spikevax vaccine for Covid-19 is used in the NHS booster programmes, alongside Pfizer/BioNTech’s Comirnaty.

A newer version of Spikevax has been created and tested by Moderna, which includes a dose of the flu vaccine.

This is the first time final phase three data for a combined vaccine has been published by any firm.

The findings show that the vaccine met its goals and led to higher immune responses against flu and Covid than other single vaccines currently in use, including the current Spikevax.

Stephane Bancel, the chief executive of Moderna, said: “Combination vaccines have the potential to reduce the burden of respiratory viruses on health systems and pharmacies, as well as offer people more convenient vaccination options that could improve compliance and provide stronger protection from seasonal illnesses.

“Moderna is the only company with a positive phase 3 flu and Covid combination vaccine.

“Building on the momentum of positive phase 3 data across our respiratory portfolio, we continue to address significant unmet medical needs and advance public health.”

The mRNA-1083 jab matched or bettered current flu jabs at making the body produce antibodies.

The randomised controlled trial involved 8,000 volunteers, all aged over 50 and half over 64.

Moderna said it had focused on older people as they remain focus of booster Covid vaccines, but plans to offer the new jab to younger people as well.

Competitors Pfizer and BioNTech are testing a similar two-in-one mRNA vaccine against flu and Covid.