Circus acts prepare to wow audiences again

Circus performers who have spent lockdown trying to practise their acts at home are preparing to wow audiences again.

The Blackpool Tower Circus is preparing to reopen on May 22, after the pandemic caused the longest closure in the venue’s history.

Director Laci Endresz Jr, who performs as Mooky the clown, and his brother and fellow director Bubu Endresz, or Mr Boo, have been juggling over the fence of their neighbouring homes to try to keep up their skills after the circus was forced to close.

Bubu said: “We have had artists who have set up in their gardens, low wires in their gardens about half a metre off the floor, and they’ve been rehearsing like that.

“The juggler was practising in the kitchen because there was one space about a metre high and quite wide and he was juggling in there. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”

Social distancing measures will be in place when the show reopens and audience participation has been dropped until restrictions are eased further.

With performers from Hungary, Colombia and Cuba among their cast, not everyone has been able to join rehearsals yet.

Members of the Tower Circus in Blackpool rehearse ahead of reopening
Members of the Tower Circus in Blackpool rehearse ahead of reopening (Peter Byrne/PA)

Laci said: “We’ve got people, they’re here but they can’t rehearse because they’re quarantining, obviously.”

The brothers are now eager to get the show up and running again.

Bubu said: “It’s been seven months with no show. It’s a long time.

“We’ve had to tell jokes to our girlfriends and they’re not happy about it, so they’re happy we’re telling other people jokes now.”

Laci added: “I can’t wait, absolutely can’t wait. It’s the most excited I’ve been about starting the show ever.”