Charles and Camilla travel to Egypt

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will visit Egypt as the second leg of their Middle East tour begins.

Charles and Camilla have spent the past two days touring Jordan and the prince ended their time in the country by praising UK-Jordan relations in a speech marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the nation.

The prince said Britain’s former protectorate was a voice of “moderation, understanding and tolerance” in the region under the leadership of King Abdullah II.

The Prince of Wales speaking at a centenary celebration at the Jordan Museum in Amman
The Prince of Wales speaking at a centenary celebration at the Jordan Museum in Amman (Ian Vogler/Daily Mirror/PA)

In Egypt, highlights of the two-day visit include a UK-Egypt reception overlooking the pyramids at the Giza Plateau to celebrate the bond between the two countries, and a tour of the ancient city of Alexandria.

Charles and Camilla will also visit Cairo’s Grand Imam of al-Azhar to discuss with the religious leader and a group of young scholars religious tolerance and the role of faith in stewarding the environment.

Chris Fitzgerald, deputy private secretary to the prince, said when the tour was first announced climate change would be one of the main themes of the visit, and other issues would include inter-faith dialogue, female empowerment and efforts to preserve cultural heritage.

Mr Fitzgerald said: “Their royal highnesses’ visit to Egypt comes as the UK holds the Cop presidency and Egypt has been nominated to assume the Cop27 presidency in 2022.

“In this decisive decade for climate action, the next 12 months is therefore expected to see a significant co-operation between the UK and Egypt. Indeed, both visits will have a major focus on addressing the climate crisis.”