Car crashes through roof of Missouri home

Local media reported a couple in Eureka, Missouri, got a very rude awakening early on May 23 when a car crashed through the roof of their house, just feet from where they were sleeping.

The St Louis Post-Dispatch quoted a fire department spokesman as saying it was “literally incredible” no one was injured or killed in the dramatic incident.

The Post-Dispatch said the car “swerved off of the road and smashed into a pine tree, then rolled end-over-end down an embankment before ploughing into a wrought iron fence, crashing through the roof and into the master bathroom of the home.”

The occupants of the car were two teenagers returning from a graduation party, Eureka Fire Department Deputy Chief William Stamberger said. They were both able to walk from the scene.

These images were released by the Eureka Fire Protection District.