Blow to savers as research finds no standard accounts on offer beat inflation

There are no standard cash savings accounts on the market which can beat the eroding power of inflation, according to a financial information website.

With Consumer Prices Index (CPI) inflation accelerating to 2.5% in June, from 2.1% the previous month, there is not one standard cash savings account that can beat it, according to

This means that the value of many savers’ pots is shrinking in real terms.

A year ago, when inflation was lower, more than 300 deals, including easy access accounts, notice accounts, Isas and bonds, could beat inflation, Moneyfacts said.

Rachel Springall, a finance expert at, said: “Despite improvements to the top savings rate deals in recent weeks, inflation is raining havoc on savers’ cash. There is currently not one standard savings account that can outpace its eroding power.”

She added: “Consumers with a fixed bond or Isa that is about to mature may wish to compare deals now, particularly on one-year fixed bonds.

“Savers who prefer to lock away their cash for a higher return may want to think carefully about how long they are comfortable to commit, as we could see further improvements to rates in the weeks to come.”

Ms Springall added: “Those savers who traditionally lock cash away for one year and grabbed the top rate a year ago will find they can lock into a higher rate today. The sad truth despite such positive rate changes is that there are no standard savings accounts that can beat the current level of inflation.”

Moneyfacts’ definition of standard savings accounts excludes certain accounts, such as regular savers, children’s accounts and current accounts.