Bike thief is stopped by incoming driver who spots owner chasing

Video and words from SWNS

A man on his lunch break was driving through Sutton with his son when he happened to come across a crime in progress.

Dashcam footage shows the would-be bike thief making off with a bicycle as the owner chases behind screaming that his bike has been stolen.

Without hesitation the man behind the wheel - who does not wish to be named - chases after the thief, eventually catching up to him, cutting him off with his car and wrestling the stolen bike away.

Reflecting on the heroic moment, the man said: "My son and I had decided to go to lunch, and we were driving down to a T junction and across [from us] we could a see a man riding very quickly and someone else with a yellow jacket chasing him.

"We thought it was strange so when we got to the junction we decided to turn left where he had gone left to go and see what was happening. 

"Suddenly, the guy on the bike comes out from a side street, followed by the guy with the yellow jacket, and as we drive past we hear 'he has my bike,' so we decided to follow him."

"He decided to turn left at the next crossroad, and I saw a big curb so I thought, I can squeeze him up against the wall without hurting him he will stop, and we managed to stop him. Thankfully it worked and nobody was hurt."