Biden mocks ‘loser’ Trump saying ‘I think he’s having trouble’

Joe Biden - Biden mocks 'loser' Trump saying 'I think he's having trouble'
Joe Biden took several pot shots at his predecessor at a dinner in Washington DC - AP/Mariam Zuhaib

Joe Biden called Donald Trump a “loser” during a speech in which he appeared to reference his presidential election opponent’s legal woes saying: “I think he’s having trouble”.

At an annual awards dinner in Washington, the president criticised his predecessor for his handling of the pandemic and for his role in killing a bipartisan border agreement earlier this year.

“This bill had majority support in the House and Senate. But I was told, that other guy, that loser, Trump called Republicans to block that Senate bill,” Mr Biden said. “[He] got on the phone and said it’d be a win for Biden and a [loss] for him, so they have to make sure you don’t allow it to get to a vote. But he’s wrong.”

The president paused briefly as the insult was met with laughter from the crowd before adding:  “I think he’s having trouble.”

The legislation, dubbed the “most comprehensive reform bill in decades”,  was the first Mr Biden introduced when he took office in 2020 and initially had the support of some of the staunchest conservatives.

‘Biden gets under Trump’s skin more than anyone’

Continuing his attack on Mr Trump, he said: “Look, I’ll never forget him lying about the pandemic, telling Americans to inject bleach into their skin.

“I wonder if he did it. It might explain something.”

The president has increasingly turned to insulting Mr Trump as part of a new campaign strategy. Multiple aides and advisers to the president recently told NBC News that Mr Biden thinks getting under Mr Trump’s skin will help him to defeat the presumptive nominee in November.

The strategy, which is largely driven by Mr Biden himself, is in full swing with the president taking jabs at Mr Trump’s physical stamina, financial woes and even his weight.

“There’s just something about Joe Biden that gets under Donald Trump’s skin more than anybody, and I think Joe Biden knows that’, an aide familiar with the approach told NBC.