Biden has capitulated to the Left, and America’s allies are paying the price

Joe Biden's weakness at home has international consequences
Joe Biden's weakness at home has international consequences - Andrew Caballero-Reynolds /AFP

Donald Trump’s relationship with and attitude toward Vladimir Putin’s Russia – and perhaps even more notably all of the ceaseless speculation about it – defined his first term in office.

There was a weak, often tawdry, and sometimes preposterous case against Trump on these grounds, and then there was a more reasonable one. Both centered around this basic formulation: Trump was inclined to go easy on the Russians because he viewed them as a domestic political asset.

There are damning arguments to be marshaled against Trump for having done just that. And yet, it’s his once and future general election opponent, President Joe Biden, who is more plainly guilty of such a sin.

Indeed, while Trump’s lavishing of Putin with praise betrayed a woeful naivete and propensity to succumb to flattery, Biden’s deeds betray his own misplaced priorities.

Over the weekend, Iran’s rogue regime launched a direct attack on Israel. To Biden’s credit, the United States shot down missiles and drones designed to kill innocent Israelis, preventing any significant loss of life. But as is his administration’s practice, it quickly repented for having done something correctly.

In short order after the attack, it was leaked that Biden had already warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to mount any kind of military response to it. As Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) astutely pointed out over the weekend, this leak was no accident.

“There’s only one reason they leak that. And that is so when Israel does respond, the White House can say ‘we told them not to do it,’ and at least somehow appease the so-called peace activists,” argued Rubio on CNN. “These are not peace activists, these are anti-Semites, anti-Israel, pro-terrorist elements out there and we need to stop calling them peace activists,” he added, before charging the White House with attempting to “appease” this disreputable crowd.

He’s exactly right.

Democrats’ very public nervous breakdown over potentially losing the anti-American and often anti-Semitic Left flank of their party over Biden’s half-hearted support for Israel is well-documented. With November approaching and many swing voters moving into Trump’s camp, mollifying Biden’s base has never been more important to those hoping for his re-election.

It’s so important, in fact, that the commander-in-chief is not only urging the United States’ embattled ally to forgo an act of defensive deterrence to the benefit of a regime whose unofficial motto is “Death to America”, but boasting about it to the media. There is no rational explanation for this position or boast outside the context of Biden’s attempt to appeal to those chanting “Death to America” in Michigan.

And just one day after Rubio called out Biden for subordinating American interests – and the long-term safety of an American ally – to petty electoral concerns, another example of this disreputable practice was dug up by The Washington Post.

In February, Vice President Kamala Harris met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the Munich Security Conference. According to the Post, Harris’s charge at that meeting was to place limits on how Ukraine can conduct its existential defensive war and instruct him not to target Russian oil refineries so as not to raise energy prices. “Keeping global energy markets supplied to help cool inflation is a priority for the administration,” noted the report.

Of course it is. Biden has overseen massive, across-the-board price hikes over the course of his time in office, a consequence, at least in part, of his profligate spending preferences. Unsurprisingly, polling indicates that Americans favour Trump on economic issues by a wide margin and evidently, this represents a significant enough electoral ability to compel Biden to set aside his hawkish posture toward Russia as suddenly as he first obtained it.

It may be Biden’s preference that Ukraine succeeds in repelling Russia, but it’s far more important to him that he hold onto power.

Time and time again, it has been posited that Trump’s relentless pursuit of own self-interest renders him an unfit candidate for the presidency. Rightly so. Lost in those denunciations by America’s partisan press, however, is the fact that his opponents often suffer from a similar deficit of public-mindedness.

Unfortunately for his constituents, Joe Biden is one such of those opponents, as his shiving of two American allies, empowerment of two American enemies, and overall degradation of the United States’ credibility abroad demonstrates.

The free world may not be responsible for the Democratic Party’s exacerbation of inflation in the United States or its electoral reliance on a detestable, far-Left fringe, but its leader is ensuring that it’s the free world that pays the price for such excesses.