Best Sims 4 mods to download in 2024

the sims 4 woman riding a bike
Best Sims 4 mods in 2024EA

The Sims 4 community is incredible. The game is nearly ten years old now, and a large factor behind its longevity on PC and Mac is the wealth of user creations, particularly in the form of mods and custom content.

Bored of waiting for news on The Sims 5? Mods are wonderful and varied, ranging from quality-of-life changes to features that add depth to the gameplay in small or significant ways.

There are a lot of mods out there, so in this article, we list our favourites that we have personally used and enjoyed.

the sims 4 woman riding a bike

If you're looking to expand your experience with official packs (which are often on sale), you can check out our recommendations for the best Sims 4 expansions and the best Sims 4 Kits.

Here are our picks for user-created mods that are worth checking out:

MC Command Center

Link: Official website | CurseForge

MCCC, by Deaderpool, is perhaps the most popular mod among the community. It provides a comprehensive range of options that allow you to customise your experience further.

Some are cheats or ways you can personalise your save, including more granular ways to change a Sim's appearance or behaviour.

Other settings have an impact on gameplay and story progression. Polygamy and same-sex pregnancies are possible, and you can have neighbourhood Sims getting married and having children.

There is a surprising amount that you can alter and control.

UI Cheats Extension

the sims 4 ui cheats extension mod
EA / weerbesu

Link: Patreon

For those who rely on cheats, weerbesu's UI Cheats Extension is a huge quality-of-life improvement.

No longer do you need to manually copy and paste cheat codes. Instead, editing a Sim's needs bars, relationship values, skill levels, money counter, and age is just a click away, as is removing or fulfilling moodlets, aspirations, and wants.

It's also compatible with all packs – so you can unlock perks for free if you're playing as, for example, a vampire or a celebrity.

You can even change the time and weather. The mod makes a tonne of little things easy to do.

LGBTQIA+: Gender & Orientation Overhaul

Link: Patreon | CurseForge

The Sims 4 does a lot right when it comes to LGBTQ+ Sims, but Lumpinou's Gender & Orientation Overhaul goes further, offering greater queer storytelling possibilities.

There is involved gameplay for gender transition and affirmation, Sims can go through self-discovery with a large range of different sexual orientations and gender identities included, and there are gameplay systems for Sims coming out.

Better BuildBuy

the sims 4 better buildbuy mod
EA / TwistedMexi

Link: Patreon | CurseForge

As the name implies, TwistedMexi's Better BuildBuy mod is the one to get if you spend most of your time building and furnishing properties.

From an expandable catalogue to easy access to debug and 'live edit' objects, the mod makes Build/Buy mode a smoother experience.


Link: Official website | CurseForge

WonderfulWhims brings a host of enhancements that freshen up the overall game, from custom skills, traits, and moodlets to gameplay features including menstrual cycles, birth control, and open relationships.

There's even an attraction system, that enables Sims to have preferences when it comes to other people's appearances and styles.

Developer Turbodriver also has an NSFW mod titled WickedWhims, which expands on sex and nudity.

Divergent Sims

the sims 4 divergent sims mod
EA / a.deep.indigo


The Divergent Sims mod by a.deep.indigo adds neurodiversity and self-esteem, areas of representation which are lacking in the game.

The different optional modules cover 25 conditions including autism, ADHD, body and eating disorders, learning difficulties, and mood and personality disorders. These conditions affect the daily lives of Sims in different ways.

Sims can also see a psychiatrist for an evaluation, if undiagnosed, and seek treatment.

Meaningful Stories


Created by roBurky, Meaningful Stories' aim is to make Sims behave in a more 'human' way by redesigning the moods and emotions systems.

A Sim's mood is less likely to swing from one extreme to the other and is less easily manipulated. Individual moments in a Sim's life have greater impact and weight, while moodlets can also have variable effects, adding an element of unpredictability.

Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul

the sims 4 relationship and pregnancy overhaul mod
EA / Lumpinou

Link: Lumpinou's Mods page | Patreon

This mod adds an impressive number of features aimed at giving the player further storytelling possibilities when it comes to relationships, from jealousy options and a dating app to custody battles and STDs.

Pregnant Sims can have cravings and mood swings as well as get a paternity test (and lie about who the father is), while Sims can react in different ways to pregnancy news depending on family preferences.

There's a lot more included in Lumpinou's mod that we haven't mentioned, and the modular nature of it means you can choose what to install and have in your game.

Healthcare Redux

Link: (Get to Work expansion required)

Sims are, by and large, a healthy lot. You can change that with a.deep.indigo's Healthcare Redux mod, which adds new diseases and injuries and gives more reasons for Sims to see a doctor. Some conditions, such as appendicitis, might even need surgery.

Allergies and chronic conditions can be diagnosed by seeing a specialist.

The mod also gives the option for households to deal with health insurance and throws in a small chance for medical emergencies to happen, like car accidents.

Child Birth Mod

a group of kids playing on a bed
EA / PandaSama

Link: PandaSama's website (Get to Work expansion required)

If you're looking for even more realism, then look no further than PandaSama's Child Birth Mod, which adds gameplay and impressive depth to childbirth. Babies no longer appear out of thin air with this mod.

The Child Birth Mod includes natural delivery, caesarean section, and home birth as options.

A lot of thought has gone into the implementation. Ultrasounds, stretchmarks, birth pillows and pools, lactation, and dilation are all features.

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