Bentley worth £300k smashed after tricycle drives wrong way

A Bentley worth £333,000 was damaged after colliding with a tricycle that was moving on a road in the wrong direction.

The CCTV footage shows a tricycle colliding with a Bentley at the intersection of Jinxiu Road and Rongwen Road in Dongguan City.

The tricycle driver was knocked off and thrown onto the ground. The airbag was ejected for the Bentley driver and Bentley’s front was severely damaged.

It is understood that the site of the accident is a Y-type intersection and the road conditions are complex.

The injured tricycle driver was hospitalised.

Traffic police are investigating the accident. The Bentley is worth £330,000 and the damage was calculated to be over tens of thousands of pounds.

The video was filmed on May 10 and provided by local media.