Abdul Ezedi: Met Police find two bodies in River Thames in search for Clapham chemical attack suspect

The Metropolitan Police have found two bodies in the River Thames in their search for Abdul Ezedi - but neither is the suspected Clapham chemical attacker.

Police were last night scouring the Thames for the body of Ezedi. Detectives think he may have gone into the river and is probably dead after he was last seen on CCTV leaning over the railings of Chelsea Bridge in London late at night.

Ezedi, who went on the run 11 days ago, is believed to have "gone in the water" hours after a woman and her daughters were attacked with a corrosive substance in Clapham on January 31.

On Saturday, a Met Police marine unit boat with flashing lights was seen circling between Chelsea and Vauxhall bridges in central London before pausing by a boat and moving off.

Search teams found one body at 10.13am on Saturday and another at 10.39am in Limehouse the same morning, but neither of the men found are Ezedi.

The police have said it is likely he died if he did fall into the Thames. It is notoriously tricky for the force to find bodies once they are in the river at this time of year.

Abdul Ezedi (PA Wire)
Abdul Ezedi (PA Wire)

Commander Jon Savell said: "When he gets to Chelsea Bridge, his demeanour appears to change. I would describe him previously as walking sort of purposefully, as if he knew where he was going and he was walking at a reasonable pace.

"As he gets onto Chelsea Bridge, he does cross the bridge more than once. And then when he gets back to the centre, he appears to be moving from the railings back to the pavement and looking over the edge of the railings. So a distinct change in how he's been moving about."

He added: "We have looked at all of the available cameras and angles, and CCTV from buses. There is no sighting of him coming off the bridge."

It is understood that the children hurt by the substance have been released from hospital but the mother, who had been in a relationship with Ezedi, is still being treated. Ezedi had previously been convicted of sexual assault and his victim said that the well publicised man hunt has brought back flashbacks of the events.