A brush with the law: 31 police officers face Covid fines for on duty hair cut

A group of 31 police officers are facing £200 Covid-19 fines for getting their hair cut by a barber while on duty at a police station.

The Metropolitan Police said that the officers all had trims from a professional hairdresser at Bethnal Green police station on January 17.

They are all facing £200 fines and the two officers that organised the event are under investigation for potential misconduct.

Local policing commander Detective Chief Superintendent Marcus Barnett said: "It is deeply disappointing and frustrating that my officers have fallen short of the expectation to uphold Covid-19 regulations.

"Although officers donated money to charity as part of the haircut, this does not excuse them from what was a very poor decision. I expect a lot more of them.

"It is right therefore, officers should each face a £200 fine, as well as misconduct action for those two who organised this event.

"Quite rightly, the public expect police to be role models in following the regulations which are designed to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

"I hope this action proves that police are not immune to enforcement of the rules, and we are prepared as an organisation to take action if we see officers have behaved irresponsibly."

Earlier this month in a separate breach, nine officers from the Met's South East Basic Command Unit were fined after eating together in a cafe.

An investigation was launched after photos were posted online.