Typical weekly cost of private residential care ‘varies by more than £800’


The average weekly cost of private residential care varies by more than £800 across Britain, analysis has found.

The highest average weekly private cost was found in Islington in London, at £1,488, while the lowest was found in Blaenau Gwent in Wales, at £621.

The cost difference between the most and least expensive places adds up to around £45,000 a year, according to the findings published by Legal & General Retail Retirement, which commissioned market researchers LaingBuisson to provide the data.

The average weekly cost of private residential care across Britain is £848, researchers found.

Sam Roberts, managing director of health and care, Legal & General Retail Retirement said: “Care can be one of the more expensive costs someone will encounter in their life.

“It’s important that people get advice so they are aware of the cost implications and benefit options for residential care, particular to their area, so that they can then realistically plan ahead and anticipate how much they need to have set aside.”

Legal & General has launched a “care concierge” service to help people understand, find and fund later life care.

Here are the average weekly costs of private residential care in various cities across Britain, according to the research:

– London, £1,197

– Edinburgh, £900

– Bristol, £860

– Cardiff, £787

– Glasgow, £767

– Leeds, £746

– Birmingham, £724

– Sheffield, £723

– Manchester, £710

– Newcastle, £703

– Bradford, £687

– Liverpool, £678