Scotland construction workers ask ‘why is my life less important?’

Two construction workers in Scotland have said they do not feel safe at work, with one claiming they “are being treated like we are expendable by the government”.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said her cabinet met on Tuesday to discuss further restrictions to combat the spread of the virus – any changes will be outlined to the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday.

In an update on 7 January, Ms Sturgeon said: “In the last lockdown, of course non-essential construction and manufacturing didn’t operate for a period. They’ve both done an awful lot to make their operations safer, but we have to keep all of that under review.”

Construction workers will be among those listening carefully – with construction work currently being allowed to continue, many feel unsafe in their surroundings.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon arriving to update MSPs on any changes to the Covid-19 regulations in Scotland after the Christmas period at the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood, Edinburgh
(Fraser Bremner/Scottish Daily Mail)

“I am working on a site where houses cost an average of £400,000,” one told the PA news agency.

“There is not one form of affordable housing on this site and I feel that the only reason I am working is to fund the corporate greed.

“I do not feel safe at work, I feel as if I am just another number that could be replaced tomorrow.

“I understand the effect construction sites would have on the economy if they shut down, however, construction workers are being treated like we are expendable by the government.

“If this is an essential business then why have I not been told I am a key worker, and surely if I am a key worker then I should be one of the first in line for a vaccine?”

The worker said that their site accommodates around 150 people, and while face masks are compulsory and signs remind people to social distance, masks are rarely worn and advice appears to go unheeded.

“People from different households and areas are car sharing cars, vans and other means of transport with no means of social distancing and no face masks present,” they said.

“People are coming from all around the country to the one site where this virus can spread. Although there are safety regulations in place there is simply no way you can enforce these rules to well over 100 people.

“One guy said that ‘if the government are saying it’s safe to work why would I have to listen to meaningless rules that will slow down my income?’

“What we are all hoping for is that (Nicola Sturgeon) comes out and announces that construction should close.”

1,460,131 people in Scotland have been tested for #coronavirus

The total confirmed as positive has risen by 1,875 to 153,423

Sadly 54 more patients who tested positive have died (5,023 in total)

Latest update ➡️ advice ➡️

— Scottish Government (@scotgov) January 12, 2021

Another construction worker in Glasgow said they would “feel more safe in a battlefield”.

They told PA: “It’s horrible and unsafe. Guys are travelling to and from work sharing vans, cars and even mini buses.

“(It’s) just a waiting game on when you are going to catch this virus from selfish, inconsiderate people.

“Construction and factory workers’ health and safety is just as important as any office worker or non-essential worker in the country.

“We are not and should not be used (as) test puppets, as we all also have parents, kids, grandparents etc to return home to.”

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